Token Distribution

Spexi intends to distribute SPEXI tokens at some point in the future, pending regulatory approval or clarity. We hope to reward network contributors in general proportion to their impact and contribution. Reputation Points (RPs) are intended to play a role in this.

In the meantime, Spexi will continue to develop incentive models to reward pilots for their successful data capture. Due to the current regulatory environment in our home jurisdiction and other jurisdictions in which our pilots are (or will be) based, it is possible that a compliant SPEXI token distribution is months to years away in certain jurisdictions and potentially impossible in other jurisdictions.

DISCLAIMER: Although it is the intention of Spexi to distribute SPEXI tokens to users with Reputation Points, it may not be legally possible to do so for users that reside in more regulatory restrictive jurisdictions. Spexi Geospatial Inc., and Spexi, do not guarantee that Reputation Points will make every user eligible for tokens.

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