Phase 5 - Mainnet

Mainnet - Q2 2025

We hope to reach our Mainnet launch in early 2025 after multiple network expansion milestones have been reached. We are in the early stages of developing an incentive model and have engaged with some of the best minds in crypto, economics, regulatory, and the aerial data market to create a system that should benefit contributors and data buyers alike.

The Spexi utility token (SPEXI) is proposed to be the Spexi platform’s native token used to reward pilots when they fly missions to collect and upload verified imagery. Spexi intends to distribute SPEXI tokens at some point in the future, pending regulatory approval or clarity. We hope to reward network contributors in general proportion to their impact and contribution. Reputation Points are intended to play a role in this.


  • SPEXI Token

  • RPs


  • Anyone who downloads the mobile app and has a compatible drone + device


  • International

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