Use Cases

Our standardized ultra-high resolution imagery is up to 3cm GSD (Ground Sample Distance), and unlocks novel applications due to its unprecedented resolution and frequency.

Here are some industry use-case examples:

  1. Emergency Response and Preparedness - In light of increasing disasters, such as wildfires, floods, storms, and extreme temperatures due to climate change, Spexi imagery can help. In the case of wildfire, our ultra-high resolution imagery combined with computer vision can identify areas at risk of ignition due to dry fuel loads, thereby lessening potential wildfire damage.

  1. AI Model Training & Insights - Advanced AI systems like OpenAI’s ChatGPT Vision and Google Gemini require increasingly detailed and up-to-date information for optimal model training. Spexi ultra-high resolution aerial imagery, when combined with AI, can reveal remarkable insights.

  2. AR/VR Gaming - Metaverse companies, many focusing on ultra-realistic gaming environments, have seen rapid growth in recent years and consume massive amounts of imagery to power their virtual realities.

  3. Mapping - Updated, ultra-high-resolution imagery is crucial for top-tier mapping applications. Self-driving cars, in-app navigation, marketing analytics, etc., all need the best possible imagery.

  4. Last Mile Delivery - In the delivery world, time is crucial. Inaccurate or incomplete data can lead to drivers failing to locate the correct delivery area, significantly impacting the company's overall margins. Spexi imagery can help reduce delivery time & increase certainty.

  1. Insurance Underwriting - With Spexi imagery, remote evaluation of damage and condition is now possible, something unachievable with satellite images.

  2. Construction Project Monitoring - Regular monitoring of construction progress in urban environments is valuable for various industries and stakeholders globally.

  1. Real-Estate Marketing - Realtors can integrate Spexi imagery into their preferred applications to enhance their listings.

  2. Infrastructure Inspection - Cities need to constantly monitor bridges, roads, buildings, and green spaces for condition and repair. Spexi imagery enables this with higher accuracy and lower cost.

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