Mobile App

The mobile app will autonomously fly the drone along a pre-determined flight path within a Spexigon to capture imagery in a controlled way.

The goal is to standardize the imagery capture process. This ensures that pilots everywhere gather imagery uniformly, within the same timeframe, and with the same battery usage, given that all other factors like wind and temperature are equal.

In addition to automated flight, the app also includes features such as:

  • Reserving Spexigons for preferential capture

  • Safety reminders to assist pilots in situational awareness

  • Localized leaderboards to promote friendly competition between pilots

After a successful flight, pilots have the choice to fly another Spexigon or have the drone return automatically to its starting point to switch batteries. Once ready, pilots can upload the captured imagery for verification and obtain a reward.

Each Spexigon comes with a computer-generated flight plan. This allows the Spexi app to control the drone while the pilot observes the drone and monitors the airspace for safety. Spexigons are preset to be flown at an altitude of 80m AGL (Above Ground Level) and always have Terrain Following activated. This means your drone will stay at 80m AGL at all times! So when you see your altitude changing during flight, don't worry, that's your drone following the terrain and keeping itself at 80m AGL at all times.

Pilots can take back manual control of their drones and bring them back to safety if operational safety is ever jeopardized. To learn more about the mobile app, see the Pilot Onboarding section.

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