FLY TO EARN is a new incentive model where drone owners can fly missions, collect imagery and earn rewards. The goal of FLY TO EARN is to incentivize drone owners to regularly fly brief, automated missions to collect aerial imagery and then upload it to the platform.

While the platform is still in the early stages of testing (called Testnet), pilots will be able to earn Reputation Points (RPs) and Cash for collecting and uploading imagery to the platform.

The long-term goal is to provide drone pilots who capture imagery for the platform with a crypto utility token (SPEXI) that can be immediately used or consumed for a variety of purposes that should have real value to pilots, including things like reserving Spexigons for preferential capture via a staking mechanism.

The team behind Spexi is in the early stages of developing a cryptoeconomic model and has engaged with some of the best minds in crypto, economics, regulations, and the aerial data market to create a system that should benefit contributors and data buyers alike.

More information about FLY TO EARN and rewards can be found in the Rewards section.

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