Coverage & Capture Frequency

Spexigons will cover areas of Earth where demand exists, and where there is sufficient access + availability of drones.

There are four types of Spexigons:

  1. Valuable: These Spexigons will cover the entirety of an open region.

Where - Areas within an open region for capture

Refresh Rates - Spexigons with more demand will be refreshed more frequently

a) Standard refresh rates: Up to 4x per year

b) On-demand refresh rates: Up to 1x per day (depending on customer needs)

  1. Reserved: These Spexigons have been reserved by pilots that wish to capture them based on their preference. Reservations are only available to pilots with good reputation scores. Pilots who do not capture their reserved Spexigons within the allotted amount of time will de deducted reputation score.

Where - Areas within an open region for capture

  1. Locked: These Spexigons have recently been successfully captured by a pilot who uploaded verified imagery.

  2. Awaiting Submission: These Spexigons have recently been captured by a pilot, but are still awaiting verified imagery to be uploaded.

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