Flying & Capturing Spexigons

Once you’ve created an account and got your drone connected to the Spexi app, get out in the field & prepare to collect your first spexigon.

  • Selecting and safely flying a Spexigon

  • Pre-flight RPAS training adherence and safety procedures.

  • Spexigon types & values

  • Safety tips & situational awareness for Pilot in Command

Terrain Following

Spexigons are preset to be flown at an altitude of 80m AGL (Above Ground Level) and always have Terrain Following activated. This means your drone will stay at 80m AGL at all times! So when you see your altitude changing during flight, don't worry, that's your drone following the terrain and keeping itself at 80m AGL at all times. 👍🏼 🚁

Spexi Mobile App Settings

When you power on your controller connected to your device, you should see a prompt to select the Spexi mobile app you’d like to use to fly. Choose the Spexi app that corresponds with your drone (either Mini 2 OR Mini 3/PRO).

Before doing anything within the Spexi mobile app, ensure that you are setup in DJI FLY, all your firmware is up to date, and that your settings are correct for your flying preferences:

  • Horizontal distance limits (suggest 1500m)

  • Altitude limits (suggest 122m)

  • RTH heights (suggest 122m)

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