Spexigon Reservations

Pilots can reserve Spexigons they wish to capture on the Spexi Network within the mobile app or web explorer. Once a Spexigon (or group of Spexigons) is reserved by a pilot, other pilots cannot capture it for a period of 48hrs. This is advantageous to pilots because they don’t have to compete with other pilots capturing their preferred area. Reservations begin when a pilots selects as Spexigon and confirms a reservation, and are considered “complete” when the data is uploaded and approved.

In order to reserve Spexigons, pilots first need to earn Reputation Points (RPs). RPs measure your positive contribution and good standing to in the Spexi Network.

For every 100 RPs earned (4 verified flights), a pilot will unlock the ability to reserve 1 Spexigon. The more verified flights you have, the more you can reserve at a given time.


100 RPs = Ability to reserve 1 Spexigon

200 RPs = Ability to reserve 2 Spexigons

300 RPs = Ability to reserve 3 Spexigons… etc.

Pilots will be able to reserve each Spexigon for a 48hour period for their exclusive benefit. Failure to capture a reserved Spexigon will result in a loss of RPs & pilot rating (more below).

More information about earning RPs can be found in the Rewards section.

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