Phase 3 - Private Beta Testnet (current)

Private Waitlist Beta Testnet - Current Phase

This phase will test the network with more general users who have signed up to the waitlist and at a much larger scale. To our knowledge, this is the largest scale drone data acquisition program ever attempted on planet Earth 🤯!

This controlled test will allow less experienced drone pilots to fly and capture Spexigons while providing feedback on the app and flight experience to the Spexi team. This is also the first at scale test outside of Canada, and will start to form the roadmap for international expansion.

This phase is expected to last until mid/late 2024.


  • Cash

  • RPs


  • Regional waitlisted pilots who have a compatible drone + device



  • Austin, Texas

  • San Francisco, California


  • British Columbia, Canada

For more information, see the blog post here

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